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Thursday, August 05th, 2010 | Author: Smart Start

What do North Carolinians want for their children?

Specifically, what can we as individuals, communities, and policymakers do to ensure North Carolina’s children grow into successful adults?

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More than 800 North Carolinians representing every county in the state invested two days reviewing data, working together, and making tough decisions to answer this question. They were parents and business leaders, health care providers and elected officials, early childhood professionals and faith leaders, K-12 educators and workforce development experts.

They identified three key priorities for children in the state, concluding that all children needed to have:

  1. Basic needs met, such as food, shelter and health.

  2. Access to high quality early care and education.

  3. Involved and engaged parents and families who are supported through training and education opportunities.

Read the report to learn what North Carolinians and to say, and how they came to those conclusions.

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Links for the supporting materials referenced in the report are below.

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